Responsibility and ambition

Responsibly manufactured in Europe and distributed internationally, our brand is dedicated to sustainability and responsibility in business, and to a time-honoured tradition of sophisticated style and fine craftsmanship.

European production

Our employees are experienced professionals, who are committed to top quality in every detail and have our full support at all stages of the shirt making process. Our company is family run, which, combined with a unique spirit of collaboration, brings out the best in our employees.

The quality of material

The fabrics used by our company are made using only certified yarn. We make sure that it contains no artificial additives, while the artisanal process of making our shirts guarantees meticulous attention to detail.


We deeply care for our environment, which is why we are getting ready to offer shirt care and repair services for our customers. Since all our shirts are made with high quality, organic cotton, it may take as little as a new collar to make them look brand new.

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