Collection of Fabrics

Here are the fabrics that epitomize the Italian style of designing shirts — they redefine the history of classic construction and skilfully combine formal and casual elements.

We know that everything starts with the fabric — and years of cooperation with top manufacturers from around the world, such as Thomas Mason, Albini, Canclini, or Monti, have allowed us to become true experts on the subject.

Our experience has also allowed us to design our own custom fabrics, used both in our basic and luxurious collections.


The Journey collection by Thomas Mason features innovative fabrics that look perfect all day long. Owing to the innovative finish and arrangement of the yarn, the fabrics are smooth and resistant to creasing. They are a great alternative even to the best raw materials, such as cotton.

Body temperature allows them to maintain a perfect shape, which means your shirt will work just as well in the office as on a long journey.

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The diagonal fabric is unique for a number of reasons. It is classic and versatile, and made of the best cotton, which makes it very strong — do not be afraid to wear it and wash it — as well as soft, lustrous, and easy to maintain.

A wide selection of textures, from a delicate diagonal weave to eye-catching dobbies, help create an interesting visual effect. A shirt made of our Twill fabric will look great both in the office and at a formal party.

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A double-twisted Dobby fabric. It is strong and durable, with the distinctive classic texture that creates dynamic, three-dimensional patterns when combined with the right colours. There are two types of Royal Twill: a tighter one, with a more noticeable structure and prominent texture, and a more delicate, lighter one that allows you to create a whole different look.

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This noble fabric is made of two-ply yarn, which makes it both light and durable. It becomes even more comfortable with age, and its delicate gloss and lightness mean it can truly feel like a second skin. It is the perfect choice for men looking for delicate fabrics with a soft texture.

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A new range of contemporary casual fabrics with daring structures and a less formal weave. A modern take on tasteful knitwear.

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A refined fabric made of the best, strongest cotton and linen yarns, which combines the best qualities of the two materials. Available in a variety of textures. It is light and pleasant to wear, particularly in the summer.

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As light and gentle as a zephyr, the east wind. This very light cotton fabric is made using the same number of warp and weft threads, which means it has a check texture and is very balanced.

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Flannel is a soft, warm and exceptionally light cotton fabric that looks very stylish. It is made from the best cotton melange yarn with the use of special finishing techniques which gives it a one-of-a-kind texture.

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From refined micro-patterns to colourful drawings — our ideas are always creative and colourful. Versatility and a wide range of available basic models, from formal to more casual, make it great for creating novel and interesting designs perfect for all occasions.

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