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Here are the fabrics that epitomize the Italian style of designing shirts — they redefine the history of classic construction and skilfully combine formal and casual elements.

We know that everything starts with the fabric — and years of cooperation with top manufacturers from around the world, such as Thomas Mason, Albini, Canclini, or Monti, have allowed us to become true experts on the subject.

Our experience has also allowed us to design our own custom fabrics, used both in our basic and luxurious collections.


The Journey collection from the renowned Thomas Mason brand consists of 100% cotton fabrics, which thanks to an innovative finish are resistant to creases. The special formula makes Journey fabrics easier to care for and look great all day long. Thanks to these properties, they are perfect for both business styling and traveling.

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Twill is a fabric made of the highest quality cotton with a diagonal weave. The different types of weaving create distinctive textures and provide an interesting visual effect. The most common are delicate diagonal stripes and herringbone. Twill is a soft and breathable fabric that is durable and wear-resistant at the same time. Shirts made of this fabric can be worn for any occasion, from very formal to everyday.

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Poplin is the most common type of plain weave cotton - there is one warp thread per weft thread. The material is quite thin and smooth, but very durable. The exceptional lightness and subtle shine make it a pleasant fabric to wear. The biggest disadvantage of Poplin is that it's wrinkle-prone. However, it is the best choice to display even the most fancy prints.

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Oxford cotton is a fabric with a simple, basket-like weave. It is made of slightly thicker yarn and has a looser weave for thermal comfort and good air permeability. In this material, the warp is dyed and the weft is in a natural color, most often white. The resulting texture is pleasing to the eye and extremely characteristic. Oxford shirts are not suitable for formal attire, but they perfectly match the sports style.

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Royal Oxford is a very attractive fabric, much softer than Oxford and silky to the touch. The weave of this material is quite complicated, thanks to which it creates a very nice, subtle texture. Royal Oxford is woven fine two-three-two. The weaving method puts air in the yarn, making the fabric very comfortable to wear. Shirts made of this variety of cotton are perfect for a semi-formal and everyday style.

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The Dobby fabric is characterized by geometric patterns formed by weft and warp threads, in which other colors are often used to create a specific visual effect. The unique texture of this material can be emphasized with satin threads, which give it a shimmering effect. Dobby cotton shirts, depending on the pattern and color, can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

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Jersey fabric is actually knitted. It can be made of both natural and synthetic fibers. Jersey cotton is a light, comfortable and very flexible material that adapts to the figure. Jersey is durable and pleasant to the touch, resistant to creases. A natural feature of a knitted fabric is its shrinkage (about 3-4%). Jersey shirts are best for sporty, casual stylizations.

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The 4Flex fabric by Cotonificio Albini is a special variety of Jersey with its flexibility in all directions. A special, patented weave of cotton with elastane makes 4Flex shirts an ideal solution for men with an active lifestyle. The distinguishing feature of this material is also its high breathability. 4Flex shirts are perfect for casual sport combinations.

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Linen and linen blends (e.g. linen combined with cotton) are incredibly airy fabrics with high hygroscopicity. They provide excellent wearing comfort, especially during warm days. Linen is cool to the touch, it has hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. A characteristic feature of linen is its susceptibility to creasing, although its supporters believe that this property only adds to its charm. Linen shirts and shirts with its contents are the essence of summer and a must-have for a holiday wardrobe.

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Flannel is a soft, warm and extremely pleasant to the touch fabric. Most often it is woven with a Twill or Poplin or weave, in pure cotton or its blend with wool and cashmere. The use of a special finishing technique gives it a unique texture. Flannel is a definite favorite for cold autumn and winter days. Flannel shirts are informal, perfect for casual combinations.

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