Made to measure

100% tailored to your needs

What makes us stand out? Great selection and personal approach.

We have nearly 500 always available fabrics, 100 collar types, 40 models of cuffs, and many other elements that make up the shirt. The diversity of our stock means that we can perfectly personalize our offer, adapting it our customers’ needs.

The first step is choosing the right fabric for your project. Then, other elements are added, taking into consideration the customer’s features and preferences. Finally, finishing touches are selected, such as buttons or contrasting top-stitching. All this leads to a perfect shirt that matches your personality and style.

FITTING. Meticulously made, comfortably fitted.

After you select all the components, it is time to take your measurements. For shirts, the most important measurement is your chest size. Since body shapes are so different, we provide many options for fine tuning the available fits, which makes our Made to Measure program so special and not that different from bespoke tailoring. Our model shirts give the customer a chance to experience the quality of the finish, and decide on the most comfortable fit. Visualizations of the finished shirt are very handy for reconciling two points of view — the stylist’s and the customer’s, as the latter essentially becomes an ambassador for our brand.

MANUFACTURING. Modern technology and craftsmanship combined.

Modern technology and craftsmanship combined. In our sewing plants, advanced technology goes hand in hand with traditional methods. Initial stages, such as creating designs or cutting, are computer-assisted. At the next stage, experienced seamstresses take over and put all the elements together. The result of this teamwork is the perfect shirt.

However, to make that possible, our customer service department must first receive an order. After initial verification, the order is sent to the technology department, where the production order is prepared. It contains a description used by the design department to make a customized shirt pattern, which is then passed to the cutter. After that, each of approximately 20 elements of the shirt is taken over by our highly skilled seamstresses. The last stage of the shirt-making process is putting together all these elements to make the finished product. Now, the shirt can undergo final verification to make sure everything is as ordered. If the final inspection shows any shortcomings, they are fixed; if everything is up to standards, the shirt is passed to the packing department, where it is freshened up and folded, so that the customer receives a neat and tidy garment. We closely monitor the process, because our plant and the head office are only 40 km apart. Visit our stores to learn more about the process of designing the perfect shirt and place your order.



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