Our RTW collection features a variety of available options. Every season we put in a great deal of effort to make sure that the selection of collars available to our customers represents all the best-selling trends from around the world. We can do it thanks to our 30 years of experience and constant growth. The entirety of our huge collection, comprising over 100 models inspired by global trends, is available in our exceptional Made to Measure program, which allows you to modify details such as fusing, stitching, and collar stay type, or even choose a contrasting collar.


Is a refined choice, popular in the 1920s and often referred to as the “James Bond model”. Its functional design neatly elevates the tie knot. It is perfect for smaller knots.


Is a club collar, making for a perfect compromise between classic and spread models. It is very versatile and corresponds with different looks, styles and face shapes.

DY–Duke of York

Is listed as a classic collar. Perfect for men who appreciate a more traditional style. You can never go wrong with this type of collar, but it is particularly well-suited for business meetings.


Is our button-down model. It enjoys enormous popularity in North America. It is more casual and will work great with knitwear and Oxford fabrics.


Is a cutaway collar in which the collar points are further apart. It is a modern choice, which works great if you have a narrow face. It can be worn with or without a tie, depending on your individual style. Often worn by the Duke of Windsor and Douglas Fairbanks.

JB–James Bond

Our spread collar. Perfect for wider tie knots.

MCR-Mr. Crown

A classic and simple collar, perfect for a traditional look.


A classic collar suitable for all face types. You can easily leave it undone and go without a tie, but it will also match any suit.

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