The most frequent fashion mistakes — women

The most frequent fashion mistakes — women

Every day, fashion inspires women around the world, enabling them to modify their style to reflect their character and inspirations. However, in their pursuit of elegance and individual style, they sometimes make mistakes. Here are some of the most frequent ones. 

Inappropriate footwear

When you talk to someone, at some point, they are sure to look at your shoes. High-heeled shoes are considered the best choice for elegant women’s footwear. However, if you do wear them, make sure you know how. Furthermore, very high or patent-leather stilettos are not recommended in a work environment.  Grain leather or suede are the optimum choice in formal settings. Though block heels are often underrated, it is worth keeping in mind that the heel must be in proportion to the whole silhouette.

Too short skirts

In business dress code, a hemline above the knee is considered inappropriate. Therefore, etiquette dictates that this minimum skirt length must be kept at all times. Why? Because when you sit down, your skirt will move up on the leg, and may simply expose too much if it is too short. Revealing clothing is absolutely unacceptable in business. When choosing a skirt, consider the quality of the fabric, the cut, and the colour. While in the fitting room, it is a good idea to sit down to test whether the length is “safe”. Also, you can never go wrong with a classic, well-made dress — invest in quality rather than quantity.

Underwear colour clashing with the blouse

Another mistake made by many women is wearing a white bra under a white blouse. The same goes for black and coloured underwear. The rule is actually pretty simple — only a nude bra will be invisible under a white shirt. Another problem is the quality of underwear. Though it is not seen, comfortable, quality underwear immediately boosts your confidence.

Handbags with a visible logo

This mistake is often made by women with high-profile jobs. Handbags are not for showing off your social status. Bags with large, visible logos are not classy, and may even be seen as tacky. Your bag should speak of your refinement, not your bank balance. It should also be simple, without too many embellishments. In the summer, you might consider a soft, camel-coloured bag, which goes well with pretty much everything. In the winter, choose a sturdier model in a classic colour, like black. Here, quality is the priority.

Too much jewellery

All women like to wear jewellery that brings out their beauty. However, your face, rather than your jewellery, should remain the centre of attention. If you want to make a fashion statement, choose a single item, such as a pendant or a pair of earrings. In formal and business settings, wearing fake or over-the-top jewellery is considered inelegant. Preferred materials include yellow and white gold, but rose gold, silver, and platinum are also accepted.

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