Most common fashion mistakes — men

Most common fashion mistakes — men

Every style has its rules. Sometimes men make an effort to look smart, but closer examination reveals a number of fundamental mistakes that ruin the effect. Here are some of the most frequent ones.

Short-sleeved shirt

Short sleeves may go with casual outfits, but elegant attire does not allow for such a choice. Another error is wearing a short-sleeved shirt with a tie — you should absolutely not do that.

Sloppy tie knot

There are many tie knots to choose from. Each has its own history and can be used in a variety of ways. However, regardless of your choice, the knot must be flawless. Your tie should be neither too long nor too short. If the knot does not fill the space under the collar, or if the narrow end of the tie can be seen anywhere, it means you need to redo your knot.

Dirty and worn out shoes

Even the most elegant look can be ruined if a stylish suit is worn with a pair of shabby shoes. Cleaning and maintaining your shoes is a must if you want to look neat.

Pocket square and tie in the same colour

In 97% of cases, colour-coordinating your pocket square and tie is not the best option.  The resulting look is simply a little bit too much and takes the attention away from your face and you in general. That is why a pocket square should be in a different colour – it  also adds another flavour to your outfit.

Creased shirt or frayed collar

Proper attire is neat first, and creative second. The most important thing is to show you are a clean person who pays attention to detail and quality. Worn out or creased fabric will always look bad, even if your garment was tailor-made.

Wrong size

Even the most expensive suit will look mediocre if it does not fit properly. Usually, off-the-rack suits are not perfectly fitting. In most cases, some alterations to the sleeves, trouser legs or the waistline are necessary.

Dressing inappropriately for the occasion

Observing the dress code expected at a meeting or an event has a huge impact on how others see us. If you attend a very formal event, wearing casual clothing will be seen as disrespectful. 

Socks that do not go with the suit

When you wear a suit, your socks should cover your calves even when you sit down. Socks that are too short are a major mistake. In the case of casual suits or sports jackets, you can wear shoes without socks.

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