How to take care of your shoes

How to take care of your shoes


Leather shoes are a smart and comfortable element of any outfit. However, they are also very demanding. Proper care not only ensures they stay with you for longer, but can also bring out their best features.

What do your shoes say about you? Apparently, quite a lot. So make sure your clean and well-kept shoes only say the best things possible about their owner.


Since your shoes frequently touch the ground, they will naturally get dirty. Mud, water, grease or sugary liquids should be removed as soon as possible. This helps protect the structure of the leather.

A wet cotton cloth is the best choice for cleaning leather shoes. If there is dried mud, first use a hard brush to remove excess sand from the sole or sides. Mechanical washing is one of the worst mistakes when cleaning leather shoes. Putting your shoes in a washing machine will completely ruin them (due to spinning and high temperature). It is also worth noting that correct drying is as important as cleaning itself. Shoes should be air dried — do not use a hair dryer or put your shoes on the radiator.


In the past, making your shoes look flawless required a lot of effort, manual work, and supplies. Nowadays, we have new care products, such as shampoos, creams, sprays, resins and waxes for pampering all types of leather shoes. Colourless products are particularly handy, as you can use them with shoes in all colours. There are also special rubber blocks for cleaning suede and nubuck shoes, allowing you to refresh and regenerate them. The products that are now available are efficient, save your time and ensure that the “brand new” look lasts long.


Applying a leather protection product is a guaranteed way to keep your shoes in a good condition for a long time, even if you wear them in bad weather or do not wear them at all. The best product is special leather grease. Using it requires some skill, but it is very efficient and effective. A thin layer is enough to make sure your shoes stay soft and beautiful for a long time.

Home remedies

Stains on leather shoes can be removed with alcohol. Dip a cotton cloth in alcohol, wipe the stain off thoroughly, and then apply shoe polish. The inside of a banana peel can also do the trick. On the other hand, if your shoes are wet from the rain, consider wiping them with an orange peel. Light-coloured leather shoes can be cleaned with milk mixed with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Another way to remove stains from your shoes is to wipe them off with a potato cut in half. If your suede shoes are starting to shine, you can refresh them by holding them over a steaming water pot.

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