Anatomy of a shirt

We sew our shirts in the Royal, Handmade and Neapolitan finishes.

The Royal finish

All Emanuel Berg shirts come with this finish, featuring 9 pearly stitches made with top quality thread per centimetre. On the inside of the shirt, we use flat felled seams, while sleeves are sewn using a single needle seam. Buttonholes are also sewn for functionality and elegance. The side seams are supported by panels specially designed for Emanuel Berg.

The Handmade finish

With the Handmade finish, all seams are sewn by hand, either including buttonholes (full handmade) or not (semi-handmade).

The Neapolitan finish

The Neapolitan finish, featuring back, forearm and cuff pleats, is perfect for customers who appreciate classic Italian style.

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