Made to measure

100% tailored to your needs


A made-to-measure shirt is a luxurious product, perfect for those who value unconventional solutions with a personal touch.

Fabrics used to make Emanuel Berg shirts are sourced from the best Italian mills. Clients have over 700 fabrics to choose from, such as exceptional poplins, twills, Oxford cloths, and the absolutely outstanding Giza 45 — proclaimed the best fabric in the world by experts in the field. Buttons are made exclusively from mother of pearl and sewn by hand using the traditional zampa di gallina technique.

The selection of over 60 types of collars, and more than a dozen types of cuffs, pleats, and other details offers practically endless possibilities for creating a unique product that will help express your individual, distinctive style.

If you wish to order a made-to-measure shirt, please contact our consultant:


You can also visit one of Emanuel Berg stores.


The anatomy of our shirts

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