Corporate clothing

  • Custom-made shirts and blouses

    Emanuel Berg offers special collections of dedicated shirts and blouses, which suit your corporate identity, have your organization’s logo or are sewn from fabrics you choose.

    Possibilities and options are endless - you can choose from over 80 different collar styles and both double cuff and single cuff styles, as well as multiple varieties of shirt fittings (super slim, slim, regular). Moreover, with the choice of almost 1000 different fabrics and designs for shirts and blouses, you can surely end up with a clothing that will fit you perfectly.

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  • We can personalize the collection by including the embroidered recipient’s logotype or slogan.

    The process is simple - we book a suitable appointment for you to come into either our Headquarters or one of our Stores. Measurements will be taken, fabrics chosen, style agreed. We then keep your details on record so for re-ordering process is effortless.

    For more information, please contact us

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  • Custom-made accessories

    We are proud to have the best-quality and most reliable European suppliers who make luxurious accessories specially for us and who can make specific orders for you and for your corporation or organization. We will advice, design, sample and deliver custom-made orders with the same excellent service and expertise that runs throughout our Stores.

    For custom-made orders, please contact us

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